THE TREND OF THE AGE- Revelation 1:19 "and the things which are"

We begin the study of the second division – “The things which are.”  Pentacost was more than sixty years behind.  John lived in the beginning of the church age and we are living near the end of this age.  Chapters two and three comprise seven letters to churches in Asia Minor which give us a bird eye view  of the general condition that has prevailed during the church age. 

A. Each letter was given to the angel messenger (pastor) of the church.

B. Each letter reveals the knowledge of the speaker, “I know thy works” – had works but no fruit.  You can work backslidden, but you cannot bear fruit backslidden.

C. Each letter was given a command to an ear to the Spirit.  “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

1. “Let’s notice Satan’s method of corruption the seven churches.” The thirteenth chapter of Matthew reveals Satan’s three-fold method.

A. The first method is destruction, as seen by the birds eating the good seed, the heat killing shallow roots and by thorns choking other growth.

B. The second method of Satan is by counterfeit.  Satan never creates, he copies.

C. The third method of Satan is union.  That which Satan cannot destroy, he joins.