1. With the close of chapter 20, the present heaven and earth have passed away and satan and all the
unsaved have been judged and cast into the lake of fire. All sin and sinners have been banished to their own place forever.

2. The new heaven and new earth appear — see 2 Peter 3:10-13. On the earth there is no sea – no need
for the sea. The sea is God’s “Brine-barrel.”

3. God’s City, the New Jerusalem, comes down from heaven to the new earth – V-2.

4. God will come down FROM heaven and DWELL. The new earth will be our eternal home – not heaven as many suppose.

5. God Himself will banish the things mentioned in V-4.

6. All things be new on the new earth, new earth, new things, new creatures in Christ. This is the end of God’s work of restoration – Vs 5-6.

7. The things we now receive on the new earth will be by inheritance, not reward – V-7. All will be equal in our new home.

8. The kind of people who will NOT be there – V-8.

2. THE LAMB'S WIFE - (Vs 9-21)

1. Here we have a different picture of the Lamb’s wife before it was the Church, here it is the New Jerusalem, the city that came down from God out of heaven.

2. This city came down, not “A BRIDE”, but “AS A BRIDE.” This city represents the bride (the church home.)

3. The city represents both Israel (V-12), and the Church (V-14). The apostles were the first church
1 Corinthians 12:28 and Israel is God the Father’s wife. Both wives are here represtented together because the Trinty will then be all together. To say the Father directs, the Son redeems and intercedes for the Holy Spirit regenerates and guides. Then the work of redemption and regereation will be finished. Paul wrote of this in 1 Corinthians 15:28.

4. The city is square, each side about 1300 10 1500 miles long.

5. The beauty of the city – Vs 18-21.


1. There will be no temple — no house of worship – because there will be no need for one. All who are there will worship God EVERYWHERE and ALL OF THE TIME, and with EVERYTHING.

2. The city will need no sun to shine — God is brighter than the sun.

3. The “Kings of the earth” -V-24 – are the kings of Revelation 5:10. All Gentile world government will end with the Beast and false prophet in the lake of fire.

4. There will be no might (darkness) there and the gates will never be shut.

5. No sin or sinner will ever get into the city. The city will be inhabited by ONLY those whose names are in the Book of Life.

6. Nothing that can corrupt or defile will ever enter out eternal home.