This chapter deals with the Beast and the False Prophet who will rule the earth during the Great Tribulation – the last 7 years of this dispensation.


1. ‘Sea” in Scripture is a symbol for a great mass of people. This means that the Beast (man) will
come from the “Common people” – he will not be nobleman of royal blood, but a commoner.

2. Since seven is the number of completeness in religion and ten is the complete number in things
of the world, the seven heads and ten horns means that the Beast is the climax, cosummation
of Gentile religion and government. Crowns on the horns – political power; blasphemy on his head – false religion.

3. The leopard, lion, bear are symbols of empires such as “Russian bear”, “British lion,” etc. This means that the Beast will embody all of the political genius and cunning of the world rulers of
the past.

4. All who live on the earth – except Christians – will worship the Beast – Vs 4 & 8.

5. The Beast will be a great orator – V-3.

6. He will be a world dictator – V-7

2. THE SECOND BEAST (vs 11-15)

1. The second beast is none other than the false prophet – he looks like a lamb but speaks as a

2. He has the power (authority) of the first Beast that causes the people to worship the Beast. He
will be the “Minister of religion.”

3. He has power to do miracles (wonders) before the people and the people will be deceived by
his miracles. We should beware of these present day “Miracle-workers” so called “Divine healers.”

4. The false prophet will make an image of the Beast and cause it to speak – Gentile government
will end as it began – Daniel 3:1-5.


1. The mark of the Beast is not “Sunday keeping” as the 7 Day Adventists say it is because
Sunday-keeping is not in the hand or the forehead.

2. The reason for the mark- to buy and sell. In order to buy food one will have to have the money AND THE MARK.

3. The mark of the beast is some kind of mark that can be seen.

4. It is very clear from V-18 that the Beast is a man and not an institution or some other thing.

5. We readily confess that we cannot count up and identify the Beast now nor can we explain the meaning of the number 666.

6. Christians need not fret who is the Beast or about the number of the mark of the Beast because we will be in heaven with the Lord when the beast comes on the scene.