1. This is not a literal woman but a “wonder” woman – not a literal woman but a symbol. This
woman is Israel. Note the crown of twelve stars – Israel is a nation of twelve tribes.


1. Not a literal dragon but Satan, The dragon stood before the woman ready to kill her child as soon as it was born. This pictures Satan’s attempt to kill Israel’s Child, Jesus, when He was born — see Matthew 2:16-18.

3. THE MAN CHILD (Vs 5-6)

1. This is not a “Wonder Child” but a real “Man child.” It is abudantly clear that the man child
is Jesus Christ: He is to rule all nations with a rod of iron.(Revelation 19:15). He is caught “Up to God, and His throne” – V-5.

2. The woman goes to a place that God that God has prepared for her for three and a half years. This pictures God preserving and caring for the nation Israel during the last half of the Great Tribulation.

4. WAR IN HEAVEN (VS 7-12)

1. Michael and his angels fought against satan and his angels. Satan and his angels lost this battle and they were cast out of heaven down to the earth.

2. Now V-9 certainly tells us who the dragon is and that he and his angels are cast out into the earth.

3. When satan was cast out of heaven the redeemed began to shout for joy because “The
accuser of our brethren” is cast out. Until this event takes place satan will continue to accuse the
saints before God just as he did in the case of Job – see Job 1:11.

4. Satan will be cast out of heaven at the middle of the Great Tribulation and he will know that
he has only a short time left to operate — V-12


1. When satan realized he was cast out of heaven and that his time was short he decided to take out his spite on the woman (Israel, but God miraculously preserves Israel through the last
half of the Great Tribulation.)

2. Note the flood of water (V-15). Noah’s preservation during the great food was typical of
Israel’s preservation during the Great Tribulation

3. This represents a last and desperate afford on the part of satan to destroy Israel – the nation through which Jesus Christ came into the world.

4. Yes, there is a real devil, and what a devil he is.