1. THE MIGHTY ANGEL -  vs 1-7

1. We believe this “Mighty Angel” to be Christ Himself, “Clothed with a cloud” – V-1 – Christ is to come “In
clouds of glory” (Matthew 17:5) “A bright cloud overshadowed them.” Also the “Rainbow was upon His
head.” The rainbow is a sign betwen God and men.

2. Note also the description of Him in V-1.

3. Note that He still holds the little book that He had taken from the Father in Revelation 5.2.

4. You will note that some great and terrible things happened when Christ returned and put one foot on the land and the other on the sea and cried with a loud voice, but the voice from heaven told John not to record these things. We do not know what these things are but we do know that they are the things that take place just before the return of Christ to the
earth to take over and reign.

5. “There should be time no longer” (V.6) should read, There should be DELAY no longer.”

6. The sixth trumphet had already sounded (Revelation 8:13) and at the very beginning of the sounding of the seventh trumphet this dispensation will be finished. V-7.

2. THE LITTLE BOOK - (Vs 8-11)

1. What is the “Little Book”? We believe it is the same book of Revelation 5:1 that had the seven seals on it. The title deed to the earth. The book is now open – V-2

2. When Christ took the book from the Father it was sealed with seven seals but now that all the seals are broken, the book is open. Also, His putting one foot on the land and the other on the sea indicates that He has taken possession of the earth.

3. Jesus will then have the title-deed to, and physical possession of the earth. The first Adam sinned and forfeited his his right to possess and rule the earth. Genesis 3:22-24. The second Adam, “The Lord from heaven” (1 Corinthians 15:45-47), now takes over and replaces the first Adam as Possessor and Ruler of the earth.

4. The voice from heaven told John to go and take the book. He went over and asked for the book and was told to take it and eat it.

5. John took the book and ate it. It was sweet while eating it but became bitter when he swallowed it. This, we believe, means that good news of the complete and final redemption of the earth is sweet to the taste of believers, but the true followers of Christ will have to suffer much bitter persecution before we take possession of it, John was then being punished for just what he is told he must do again V-11.

The simple message of this chapter is:
Jesus Christ, after redeeming the earth and taking possession of it, will turn the earth over to the people of God with clear title deed to it. What a wonderful Savior we have!