A young man, suffering from cancer, was about to undergo an operation in one of the large hospitals
in Scotland.
When the surgeon made a careful examination, he discovered that the only hope of saving the life of the
patient was the removal of his tongue.
The young man had already been taken to the operating room when the surgeon, in a tender and sympa-
thetic way, explained to the sufferer that, even though the operation be successful, he would never again
be able to speak and asked whether there was anything he wished to say before the operation commenced.

For a moment, a shadow crossed the brow of the youna man as he thought that he would never again
be able to testify in song or word for the Master whom he loved.
But soon the shadow passed, and a smile lighted up his face. He sat up, lifted up his voice and sang the
hymn “There is a fountain Filled with Blood.”  Before the third verse was reached, not an eye of those who
stood around the bed was dry. How he sang! Then came the last verse:

Then in a nobler, sweeter song,
I’ll sing Thy power to save,
When this poor, lisping, stammering
Tongue Lies silent in the grave.

Anesthetic was administered; the operation was preformed, but alas, the patient never regained conscio-
usness. Thus his last song on earth would be his first in Heaven.
May the possession of that hope which the young man possessed so consecrate the lives of those who
read this touching story, that you may sing with unswaying conviction.

Dear dying Lamb, Thy precious
blood Shall never lose in power,
Till all the ransomed church of God
Be saved to sin no more.