The Testimony of Christ


A. The Mosaic Authorship and Inspiration of the Pentatauch

     1. Matthew 22:24-32. Note “Moses said” (V-24), “The Scriptures” (V-29),and “Spoken unto you by God” (V-31).

     2. Mark 7:8-13 Connect “Commandment of God” (V-9) with “Moses said” (V-10).

     3. Mark 12:26, “Book of Moses,” “God spake unto him.”

     4. John 5:46, “Moses….wrote of ME.”

     5. Luke 16:29-31; Luke 24:25-27, 44, 45.; John 17:17, “Thy word is truth.”

B.The Miraculous Stories of the Old Testament are true.

      1. The Flood : Luke 17:27, “the flood came.”

      2. Destruction of Sodom: Luke 17:29.

      3. Lot’s Wife: Luke 17:32.

      4. Jonah: Matthew 12:40, “Jonah was…in the whale’s belly.”

      5. Naaman: Luke 4:27, “was cleansed.”

C. The Psalms and Prophetic Books are Inspired.

      1. Mark 12:36, David said by the Holy Ghost.”

      2. Luke 4:17-21, “this day…fulfilled.”

      3. Matthew 24:15, Daniel the prophet.”

D. He taught Verbal Inspiration.

      1. John 14:10, “the words.”   John 17:8, “the words”; John 6:63, “the words” ; John 8:47, “God’s words.” ; John 14:48, “my  words” ; Matthew 5:18, “Jot”- “tittle.”

E. The New Testament

Not one word of the New Testament had been written when Christ departed from the earth, but we have His express authority for receiving it as the inspired Word of God.

      A. He said plainly He would leave the Revelation of truth unfinished. John 16:12.

      B. He peomised that the Revelation Should Be Complete After His Departure.  John 16:13.

      C. He Chose Certain Persons to Receive Such Additional Revelation and to be His Witnesses, Preachers and Teachers After His Departure.  John 16:13; John 15:27; Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:19-20 Acts 9 15:17.

      D. Knowing Beforehand What They Would Write, He Gave Their Words Precisely the Same Authority as His Own.