“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation ” – Psalm 68: 19.

An old faithful, rejoicing Christian was asked how he was one morning. He replied. “I am burdened this morning.
His inquirer was shocked, as the remark was so out of character for this good saint, it seemed “Burdened sir? You are burdened?” asked the morning greeter.
Yes, dear brother. He daily loadeth us with benefits.
Do you recognize the weight of the benefits with which the dear Lord has loaded or even overloaded you?
Do you realize the varied fruits of blessing He has placed in your basket?
Why not take a paper and pen and list the load of benefits our good God has placed in your possession.
Friend, it may put you on shouting grounds!
The verse says He is the God of salvation. Just to be saved is a beneficent blessing from the hand of our great God.  To have our sins forgiven and the eternal guarantee of a home in Heaven is a blessing of all blessings.
What about the salvation of your household or of dear friends for whom you have earnestly prayed?
What about the good health you enjoy at the grace to handle the handicaps you endure? What about the job God has provided you, or the prospect of the new one and better circumstances down the road or the grace to accept the unemployment?
Fellow recipient, you know your basket is full and runnng over with God’s blessing!

You can change what happened yesterday, you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow so just go ahead and live for today for His honor and glory.